How Detroit Was Saved From BLM


How Detroit Was Saved From BLM
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A temporary restraining order prohibits the Detroit police officers from using non-lethal force during peaceful protests.

Detroit BLM Franchisee, Detroit Will Breathe celebrates a pyrrhic win after a TRO issued by a federal judge barred the police authorities to use too much force during the group’s peaceful protests.

The ruling, however, appears only as a hollow victory. Detroit police chief, James Craig, said it is no different from how the police handle the city’s protests. According to him, brute force is only necessary when there are violent protests, or when protesters resist arrest or violate the law.” Chief Craig claims his department handles outside forces in the same way, and there is nothing new in the judge’s ruling.


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As with the BLM, Detroit Will Breathe began their protests after George Floyd’s death. For three nights, they have been inflicting chaos and unrest using bricks and railroad spikes. Detroit police, under Chief Craig’s supervision, exercised their authority and arrested over 140 violent demonstrators.

The stigma died for a while.

We have seen other police chiefs containing and trying to negotiate hard with the protesters. One of them is DPD Chief Todd Bettison, who kneeled with the DWB last June of this year.

Protesters lined up in front of the police officers outside a building.

The demonstrators demanded the police officers kneel with them; otherwise, they would not leave. Detroit Deputy Chief Todd Bettison at first told them they would not oblige but changed his mind as a man approached and persuaded him. The police chief simply said that his men could not kneel for tactical reasons, but he will on behalf of them.

Two protesters kneeled alongside the police chief as he repeatedly says, “We are one with you.”

Chief Bettison talked about his emotional kneel hours after the incident.

In the conference, he said that he recognizes the men and women who were there for the right cause and the few criminals who have violent intentions. Chief Bettison said that he spoke to the large majority that he and his men understand their cause.

While Chiefs Craig and Bettison remarkably handle the protesters, can we likewise demand the same compassion from them?

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