How Bad Can the Riots Get After the Election?


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The election is soon coming up, and there are only three possible outcomes. That’s right — three, not two. Either of the first two would be ideal — Trump winning convincingly or Biden winning convincingly. By convincingly, I mean, the results are undoubtedly in favor of one candidate, and there will be no disagreement about who won.

The third possible outcome isn’t as cut and dried as that. The third possible outcome isn’t as bad as Biden winning outright, but it’s also far from ideal for the Republicans. That is, there would be no clear winner on the night of the election or in the days and weeks after.

The three possibilities then beg the question: How bad will the social unrest, violence, and riots be across the whole nation in each of the three scenarios?

The answer that most people are hoping for: little to no violence or riots at all. No matter how bad the situation got before the election began, the possibility still exists for the citizens across the whole nation to simply accept that they’ve lost or to celebrate peacefully and go back home.

It’s a possibility, and that’s why I must say it, but in reality, the chances of that happening are low.

If Biden wins, Trump’s defeat will be a temporary victory for the left. They might stand back and take a seat until the inauguration to see where Biden’s policies will take the country.

But, again, the chances of that happening are low. It won’t be long before they turn on Joe Biden. The left is infamous for eating those in the ranks who resist their “suggestions.”

If Biden agrees to step aside for a fellow Democrat, it would be Kamala Harris, and no one else. For the Democrats, this would, indeed, be something “demonstrative,” but mostly peaceful. In their eyes, they would have won.

Now, moving on to President Trump winning his shot at being re-elected, it’s hard to think of nothing else but the worst possible unrest situation. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the rest of the left will take to the streets, burning and causing destruction as they go.

Is it too much to ask that they accept whatever the results will be, like the adults they are?

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