Hillary Returns with Insane New ‘Russia Conspiracy’…


Image from video below…

BlazeTV – Hillary Clinton makes a return as she details how Trump and Putin must’ve helped eachother. She also mentions a surprising revelation about one of Putin’s apparent missions when she was running for the presidency. WATCH more Pat Gray Unleashed:

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She was not denied the president position by Putin, but she was denied the president position by the American people

Everything Biden has done, hurts the US, and helps other nations. Everyone should have a problem with this! If not you are the problem!

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    • Unfortunately she isn’t That old & for whatever reason she seems to be too mean, evil, corrupt & hypocritical to croak! Vile people like Hillary go on, & on & on! That is one thing I can’t grasp, because so many worthy, wonderful people are taken before their time! Hillary is a Total POS!!!


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