Hillary Gets Roasted and Heckled by the Internet After Embarrassing CNN Interview…


On Sunday, during an appearance on CNN via Skype, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that Joe Biden is the exact embodiment of “what a president should act like in the Oval Office.”


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“Give President Biden a grade—overall first hundred days. How is he faring?” CNN host Fareed Zakaria asked.

“I give him an ‘A’ and I’m a hard grader,” Clinton said, laughing. “I give him an A both on effort because he’s done a couple of things so well. He has once again embodied and modeled what a president should act like in the Oval Office, in the White House, in the world at large—with dignity, with purposefulness, with care for what he says and how he treats people.”

“And, his attention to detail and the team that he has surrounded himself with who are experienced at how you make the federal government work has produced a just a tremendous amount of positive action to not just undo the past four years, but really begin again to get the government working in the right way,” she continued.

“And then the passage of the American Rescue Plan to get money into the pockets of Americans who are still suffering economically is absolutely the right thing to do,” Clinton added. “And it got done. He was single-minded about it.”

Then, she proceeded to enumerate the accomplishments that Biden has done in his first 100 days in office, including “getting 220 million shots into arms, getting the vaccines out there, getting that supply chain fixed, using the federal government through FEMA and the National Guard to be part of the team and states and localities.”

According to her, this was what “competent government looks like,” adding that this was the reason “he has such high approval ratings across the board.”

Of course, the truth is that Biden received “very positive” ratings at 51%—even lower than former President Trump, who the media hated.

Since she was never elected as president, I wonder who her standard of “what a president should act like,” whether it’s “in the Oval Office, in the White House, in the world at large”?

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  1. As we all know, Hillary has ultra low standards. There is no argument to this, just look at how she stands by the worlds biggest womanizer and cheater, her husband Bill Clinton!


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