Hilarious Moments During the First Debate


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And so, the much-awaited Presidential debate began. In it’s first run on September 29, the program was expectedly hilarious at some point, with the president taking jabs at his opponent.

However, the moderator, Chris Wallace, would always get in the way of the two contenders when the debate gets offhand. While we all agree that the titleholder made it more entertaining, Wallace would always cut him in.

Overall, Trumpism still managed to steal the spotlight.

PJMedia collected some of the hilarious highlights.

The president said that he wears masks only when needed, unlike Joe Biden, who would show up with the “biggest mask” even when talking 200 feet away.

When asked why he holds a campaign with a bigger audience than Biden, President Trump said, “Because people want to hear what I have to say.”

And as usual, he strikes Biden and said, “Because nobody will show up.”

The president also felt like he was debating the moderator apart from Biden.

Trump’s probably hardest punch landed when Biden said, “Smart.”

“Did you use the word Smart? So you said you went to Delaware State, but you forgot the name of your college,” the president said, to the amusement of Wallace, and Biden looked sucker-punched.

“You didn’t go to Delaware State. You graduated with either the lowest or almost the lowest in your class. Don’t ever use the word “Smart” with me. Don’t ever use that word,” President Trump continued.

Reports circulated about Joe Biden claiming to have attended college in Delaware State, yet the college refuted his claim. 

Trump’s tirade continued as he said there’s nothing “Smart” about his opponent. “Forty-seven years, you’ve done nothing,” said the president.

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