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Conservative Twins – Transgender Woman Wins Miss Nevada Pageant

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This defeats the ENTIRE PURPOSE of women’s events.

Men are taking women’s scholarships, winning women’s beauty pageants, taking over Victoria’s Secret , beating women’s athletic records… doesn’t seem empowering to women really… what am I missing?

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  1. Agree. Agree. Agree. I fought through the 70s to get promotions I deserved. This is the biggest set-back to women’s rights EVER. When will the lawsuits begin?

  2. So if a man won , how can they call it MISS AMERICA SHOW . Miss means females , not men . Now they have to call it the … THE IT AMERICA SHOW … you just lost another watcher of your now called freak show . Now your a true delusional democrat show , nothing but lyers about what your doing for some stupid idea yall came up with . When and how did yall become so damn retarded in your thinking with the way yall now run the country ??? better yet why would you want to ??? Are you stupid or what , and don’t say momma saids stupid is as stupid does . You only prove my point more . You cant make this stupid shit up , yes … they are this stupid


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