Hilarious Clip: Biden Yells His 4th of July Speech…


Image from video below…

The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden yells his 4th of July speech.

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Not only is this guy completely off the rails he’s downright scary.pray for America.

He was whispering at the podium just last week. He’s a lunatic.

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  1. What a disgrace. This out of the loop pretender mouthing platitudes delivered from his addled brain or his earpiece. Never in our history has so much damage been done to the Republic by so few, Biden’s deep state handlers and their puppet.

  2. Every person with an iota of a brain cell knows Lying Cheating Beijing China Sleepy creepy child hair sniffing Joe is off his noodle. I want to know who is behind the curtain beside trailer trash Jill.


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