Here’s Proof that the CEO of Dominion Voting System Lied


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On Tuesday, Dominion CEO John Poulos sat on hot water when the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee questioned him about the Dominion Voting machines used in the state in the national election.

Poulos was specifically asked about Antrim Country voting machines where thousands of flipped votes from Trump to Biden were discovered in the red state. The liberal media and Poulus then blamed the irregularities on “human error.”

Michigan Senator Pete Lucio asked the CEO, “How do I know, as a voter, Mr. Poulos, that I didn’t have any irregularity of the software being manipulated? How can I be sure of that?”

Poulus then responded that a “hand count audit and recount” would clear doubts. He told Sen. Lucio that the ballot box was empty and secure at the beginning of the day, yet when the day ends, there would be many ballots that each voter deposited.

Poulus assured, “Those ballots haven’t gone anywhere,” adding that the poll workers have been securing control of them. He said the Secretary of State currently works with Antrim County to perform the hand count.

However, Constitutional Attorney Matthew DePerno disputed the CEO’s statement. DePerno was permitted by Michigan 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer to allow his technical team to perform a forensic audit on 16 voting machines in Antrim County.

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DePerno apparently contacted 100 Percent Fed Up to expound that Poulus has no evidence on his claim of the boxes being secured.

DePerno explained, “In Central Lake, the lock that protects the side data port where you can insert a thumb drive to perform a software upgrade, that could change the program, was missing.”

The constitutional attorney said that the missing lock enables a person to change the Dominion Voting machine program. He explained that once the seals are broken and the lock is removed, the machine’s integrity becomes questionable.

“It definitely showed that someone had accessed the inside of the tabulator, and it no longer represents a secure voting platform,” DePerno added.

DePerno also explained that the bin is where the ballots are stored. As such, if the tape is removed, anyone can separate the tabulator from the box containing the ballots.

A Dominion’s training video below would illustrate how the box the stores the ballots are being separated from the tabulator.

DePerno also warned that ballots could be added or removed at will once the tabulator was separated from the box. What’s more dangerous is that we would have no way of knowing what happened to the machines or the ballots inside after the tape was removed.

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