Here’s Lindsey Graham’s great Plan to Get Trump Back in Office…


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– Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsay Graham is calling for a “draft Trump” movement for 2024.

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Why didn’t Lindsey stand up for the real President when it counted?

I don’t trust any politician. President Trump exposed them all. He’s the one who actually cares about the lower class and this country. A billionaire who sacrificed it all.

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  1. It is becoming quite obvious whether the Dems or media want to fess up or not that the cheating was rampant and that Trump actually won the election. Biden is totally not qualified to be president and Harris should be exiled along with Schumer and Pelosi. None of them should be allowed to continue in office and the media should be punished for their breach of responsibility to the American people. Well vested media hosts are proving that they have literally gone to hell.

  2. The first thing that has to be done is expose all the CHEATING that occurred and those who did it. Then those who did this should be executed for TREASON since that is what they did. Next after the condemned rat out those who gave them the orders to CHEAT those persons also should be executed. Once all the Democraps, FAKE Republicans, and RINOS are gone then America can get back to being the Greatest Nation Earth as it was becoming under President Trump who was the ACTUAL REAL WINNER of the Election.


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