Here Are The Reasons Why Biden Hides from the Media…


Before Biden was even elected as president, the media had already been covering for him. Now that he’s been the POTUS for months, that hasn’t changed one bit.

It’s been almost two months since Biden held a press conference, and Jonathan Karl of ABC News is trying to make excuses for him.

“What is different about the Biden administration right now?” Meghan McCain asked Karl. “I know conservatives are very hard on the fact that President Biden hasn’t done a press conference. Yeah, it’s obviously a huge tone shift from the Trump administration—but what do you see as the biggest difference, just covering this White House versus the last one?”

“Well, it’s all about turning the temperature way the heck down, Meghan,” Karl said.  “I mean, you know, Joe Biden doesn’t feel like he needs to be out there dominating the news every day,” he compared. “He’s not out there picking fights with Republicans.

He’s not out there picking fights with the press.”

“I think that the lack of press conferences is because he doesn’t want to be dominating the news right now. He wants to get back to a new sense of normal, where the chaos, the crisis, the drama, and the West Wing of the White House isn’t dominating the world’s attention,” he continued, practically praising Biden for not answering the questions of the American people.

Aside from that, he hasn’t allowed any media to cover the situation at the border. Really, what is he hiding?

He’s finally announced that he will hold a press conference on the 27th, his 65th day in office. Why does he need so much preparation time if he doesn’t have anything to hide?

Here’s Gary Franchi of The Next News Network’s report:

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    • Yes I believe he suffers from dementia, but he is also a liar of what we know for sure is 47 years. Biden has not and does not tell the truth. Its a good thing he stays under ground. Hell at this point they might as well bring out the other liar kamala and let her run shit so that they tear her a new one.

  1. Biden’s elevator no longer goes to the top floor! The Democrats are the illegals and they are trying to steal control of our nation. They need to be removed from their stolen crib.

  2. Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Federal government designed to bankrupt our country. Several overseas locations altered our election process and has been manipulated by locations in numerous foreign countries all designed to steal the American election results. Our State voting laws had been broken in several key States knowing the voting laws were deliberately broke laws to assist in this process. This could have been stopped but the key players within our government for money and power were also players in this game of cyber attacks. The Biden’s have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, the virus was designed to set the beginning of plans to disrupt the election process. The political powers who are involved are traitors to our Union remember our oath taken to protect our country against all enemies both foreign and domestic


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