He Witnessed the Counting of Thousands of Invalid Ballots



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The official Nevada Republican Twitter account declared on Saturday evening that a whistleblower had spoken up in Clark County, Nevada who claimed that they were witness to the counting of invalid ballots.

“A whistleblower has come forward in Clark County saying they witnessed mail ballots being counted without signatures being verified,” the Nevada GOP Twitter account tweeted.

The video that they posted was from the story that Fox News reported. “In just the last hour in Nevada, an election worker whose job was to process mail in ballots, says he witnessed irregularities in counting those ballots and was told by a supervisor who he named to put through ballots he believed needed signature verification without that verification first being done,” Fox News had said. “He says he was also told to ignore discrepancies with addresses. That worker has sworn out an affidavit which has been sent out to the Department of Justice here in Washington.”

Some Twitter users such as composer Arthur Schwartz re-tweeted the video. In Schwartz’s re-tweet, he added in the caption: “The corrupt DC media will ignore this.”

Additionally, Judicial Watch released an analysis of the votes in Clark County, Nevada. According to Tom Fitton, the analysis shows that the county had a 102.7% voter registration rate. What this means is that there were more voters than there were those eligible to vote.

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