He Was Not an ‘Attacker,’ Here’s the Real Story…


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The mainstream media yet again paraded another false claim, mostly to raise fear. A lie was trumpeted before being shown to be mostly false.


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A man allegedly presented “fake” inauguration credentials and carried 500 rounds of a handgun in an attempt to sneak inside the Capitol. Such could have proven an elevated threat, assuming that the guy was in the vicinity to strike fear and shoot up as a probable QAnon believer.

However, the true story sounds way less exciting.

To compare, here’s how the mainstream media initially ran the story without confirming the details. They like to put up narratives as long as it serves them.

However, a Twitter user LB clarified the situation.

A man was hired for personal security. He was among the several hired for the inauguration event yet didn’t have the proper license to carry his weapon. It wasn’t actually surprising given the rigorous policies in Washington DC gun laws.

The man also didn’t present “fake” credentials. He only had a non-government identification card since he is a private contractor. Regardless, it was apparent to be an honest mistake.

He was then placed under arrest, but not a terrorist seeking to assassinate the president, Joe Biden, or anyone else in the area.

Despite the real narrative, the media printed and published the false story anyway. They have been very convinced that a Trump-inspired attacked attempted to breach the Capitol security.

But who are they kidding?

They could have clarified the situation, but no, they are ravenous for a bigger scoop. CNN was among those who reported the garbage.

They only take down the lies when called out – with some not even bothering. And again, as long as it serves them.

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