Harris Claims Trump is Targeting Blacks


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Senator Kamala Harris claims President Trump targets Black Americans and has done more to hurt them than any other community in the country.

The Democrats are always eager to use the race-card on the absence of rational political discourse. The senator’s claim is unfounded as President Trump has done more for the African American community than previous presidents since Abraham Lincoln.  

The left’s Vice-Presidential Candidate called on her fellow African Americans to instead vote for her and her Presidential running-mate, Joe Biden.


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Ironically, the pair has a dark past – no pun. Biden has promoted segregations, which was once used against him by Harris – no less, in a debate. He likewise passed a crime bill that has disproportionately affected the black men. Harris, on the other hand, descends from a family that owned slaves.

The Hill published a similar article on the statement of Kamala Harris.

Harris calls for all black people to vote for the Democratic Party’s Vice President and President nominees. The senator insists on her accusations that the President’s economic policies resulted in a record low unemployment of the black people before the nationwide lockdowns.

“The Black community understands just how critical this election is — because we are living the consequences of the last election every day. When it comes to nearly every issue that affects our lives, we have been disproportionately harmed by President Donald Trump and the failures of his administration,” Kamala Harris wrote in an op-ed published Friday in the Philadelphia Tribune, one of the oldest continuously published Black newspapers in the country. “Make no mistake — our plans are achievable. But first, we need to vote. And we need to vote early.” 

In her column, Harris implied Trump is a racist, which she also accused Biden on working to oppose bussing during a Presidential debate in 2019. Harris only changed her tune when selected as the running mate of Joe Biden. Convenient, isn’t it?

During the debate, Harris confronted Biden on his record opposing federally-mandated bussing to integrate the public schools, tweeted Vox. “That little girl was me,” said Harris.

President Trump earlier refuted claims on his relationships with the African American neighborhood. He cited passage of the First STEP Criminal Justice Reform Bill. Historical Black colleges will receive an increase in federal funding under the bill.

At the Republican National Convention, President Trump also said, “To bring prosperity to our forgotten inner cities, we worked hard to pass historic criminal justice reform, prison reform, opportunity zones, the long-term funding of historically black colleges and universities, and, before the China virus came in, produced the best unemployment numbers for African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and Asian-Americans ever recorded.”

The President claimed to have accomplished more in three years for the Black community than in Joe Biden’s 47 years of service.

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