Hannity Shares Frightening Facts About Biden’s Health…


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The Next News Network – Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, Fox News host Sean Hannity had quite a moment on Tuesday night while discussing Joe Biden’s mental state. During a segment on his program, Hannity joked that he would no longer call Biden “sippy cup” anymore because things have gotten to a point where it’s not funny anymore.

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I’m totally disgusted. Not happy about his presidency, he sucks, didnt vote for him, but it’s worse than I imagined it would be.

It’s never been a joke. It’s the pathetic truth.

Biden is unfit for office! The Democrats are disgraceful, this is absolutely ridiculous! The world is laughing.

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  1. Joe has always been a stupid lying cheat. Now he’s a senile stupid lying cheat. Maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll have a major stroke or heart attack. I know everyone will say that means the former hooker will be president. Just give her a vibrator and she’ll be happy.

  2. yes…but she can’t take Joe’s place as President…she isn’t an American Citizen…neither of her parents was either…and if she can’t…Pelosi can take his place..from bad to worse to catastrify. I think that is what Pelosi is hoping for…declare him unfit..Kamala can’t step in and woohoo..she can be President…just what she has been working for!!

  3. IT WOULD TAKE FIFTEEN MINUTES, If and when, Bitter Pill-0si’s sworn at; or sworn in for next years Congressional elections, by the people to enact Article 25 to give her the worst case of Terminal Hemorrhoids known to this disgraceful lying con artiste~

    If that is what it will take, then so be it. America needs a clean up in every aisle of Congress & that means both sides of the supposed Shrine of American De mock racy. Thus a return to real democracy!


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