‘Hang Mike Pence’ Trends on Twitter After Trump is Banned


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons.


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Just a day after Twitter banned President Trump from using its platform “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,” the social media company let the “Hang Mike Pence” hashtag trend on its platform.

Many Twitter users were confused about why such a violent phrase was being allowed to trend, especially after President Trump was banned allegedly inciting violence.

Eventually, Twitter noticed the words trending and blocked it and other variations of it from trending.

“We blocked the phrase and other variations of it from trending,” a Twitter spokesperson told Fox News on Saturday. “We want trends to promote healthy discussions on Twitter.”

Some users pointed out that the trending item was not due to threats, but instead, users circulated a video from the Wednesday riot at the US Capitol.

In the video, protesters can be heard chanting the phrase repeatedly.

No matter the social media platform’s reason, many users believe that allowing the phrase to trend at all is hypocritical, especially after Twitter explicitly said that Trump was suspended for “inciting violence.”

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