Gun Shop Owner Refuses to Sell Guns and Ammo to Biden Supporters


A gun shop in Missouri is attracting attention after its controversial announcement on Facebook. 


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“We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters,” read the post. “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The post, written on Inauguration Day by Jefferson City’s Trigger Firearms and Reloading, is directed to leftist President Joe Biden’s supporters. It would seem that the Democrats earned ire from the gun store owner who refused to sell them guns or ammunition. 

It remains unclear how Biden’s supporters handled the issue. In Missouri, voters were solid Trump supporters, with 56.8 percent in the recent presidential election, compared to Biden’s 41.4 percent. The state capital, Jefferson City, leans toward the conservative. 

The post, however, earned various comments.

One commenter said, “So when you go to bankruptcy court, you going to tell the judge I went out of business due to being overly bitter?”

Another exclaimed to take their money somewhere else, while another user used the expression, “shooting yourself in the foot.” A commenter also claimed to spend money on a small back-up, other gear, and ammo but would rather not buy them instead of having a “fake billionaire reality TV star as president.”

However, the lion’s share of reactions supported the gun shop’s decision.

One user said, “We’re not supposed to arm the mentally ill anyway.” Another noted that the idea is genius to have backorders for a few years, and there would be a chain of gun stores in the country. 

A commenter also compares voting a Democrat but exercising the Second Amendment to a cow cheering for the butcher. Another claimed, “any business owner can run their business as they please, adding, “It’s okay for social media to block a particular person for reasons they choose, but you want to bitch & moan about this business doing the same? The sniveling won’t end!”

Biden’s national policy director Stef Feldman announced in December that President Biden would “make big, bold changes through executive action on gun violence.”

According to KMOX-AM, a Missouri official currently prepares to defend the 2nd Amendment if Biden would rule over it.

The outlet reported that Sen. Bill Eigel’s bill, SB 39, would nullify new firearms restrictions in Missouri through the “Second Amendment Preservation Act.”

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