Gretchen Whitmer’s Kidnapping Conspirators Appear to Be Anti-Trump Anarchists


Image credit to Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy University of Michigan’s photostream. Image modified from original.

The plot thickens for Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s alleged conspirators as evidence arises on their leaders’ background.

Not long after the FBI revealed the kidnapping plot of Governor Whitmer, the indicted conspirators proved to be more than meets the eye. The astonishing history of these kidnappers still lies on the internet for public consumption.

According to the FBI, the conspirators plotted to abduct the Michigan governor in her vacation home.

The ‘furious’ governor then mindlessly accused President Trump of inciting hatred against her through the president’s support of the Proud Boys, although he has no direct connection to the said group. The right-leaning group made it to the news during the first presidential debate when mentioned by Trump.

However, the president never made any untoward instructions to the Proud Boys and only, “stand down, stand by.” The said group was also not recorded in the indictment, and not a single conspirator belong to the group.

After much digging into the conspirators’ background, at least two of the six suspects were found to be anarchists.

Reddit, Producer Robby Starbuck, and probably 4Chan joined in tracing back the suspects’ background left behind by the feds. The group checked crawled through social media to verify the governor’s claims. However, most of the social media footprints have miraculously vanished.

Nonetheless, viable information last Thursday evening stated that two conspirators’ leaders are leftist insurrectionist anarchists who hate President Trump.

Starbuck found out that Brandon Caserta has a YouTube Channel where he ranted about President Trump’s leadership. One of the videos shows Caserta saying, “Trump is not your friend, dude.” He then called the president as the “enemy” and a “tyrant.”

Pete Musico, another conspirator, shared Brandon Caserta’s anti-police and anti-government beliefs.

With the leaders being anarchists, it wouldn’t be a surprise to know if the members – Barry Croft, Adam Fox, Kaleb Franks, Ty Garbin, Brandon Caserta, Case Daniel Harris, share the same philosophy.

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