Greta Thunberg Faces CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY Probe as India STRIKES BACK Against Big Tech!!!


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Greta Thunberg Faces a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY Probe as the Nation of India STRIKE BACK Against Big Tech! In this video, we’re going to take a look at the international mess the teenage Swedish activist has gotten herself into, how Twitter is finding itself also in hot water, and how the nation of India is part of an international backlash against Big Tech that promises to end Silicon Valley censorship once and for all! You are NOT going to want to miss this!


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“About time these people start getting called out for their irresponsible actions.”
christy castro

“The people of India love pres Trump”
Patrick Turpen

“She just showed her hand way to early now everyone who isn’t subverted knows what she is. Lenin is rolling in his grave shaking his head at her”
Lord Solar

“I like Modi he is for his people just like President Trump.”
Jp Alt

“Can we give her a collective, globally coordinated how DARE you?!”
randy emenhiser

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  1. Greta is a mis-guided fool. She thinks that she has all the answers yet she doesn’t have any skin in the game. She doesn’t have to pay for her mis-informed garbage. She just stands there and cries about her terrible life, but she wants the world to give her free stuff so she can look down her crooked nose at people. She a fool! And, her parents should be arrested for allowing this bull to pollute our airwaves.


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