Gloves Off: George Foreman Sounds Off…


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The Next News Network – Katie Daviscourt from The Post Millennial reports Legendary boxer and Olympic Gold Medalist George Foreman joined Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night to discuss Americans tuning out the Olympics due to the politicization of sports and athletes showing disrespect for the country that gave them the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

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I’ve lost interest in all sports in general because of the woke, spoiled, disrespectful athletes who make fools of themselves every time they take a knee for the National Anthem. It’s even worse on the Olympic world stage. Our teams are losing in events they NEVER used to lose in like men’s basketball, women’s soccer and gymnastics. It’s all been tainted by disrespect and I could care less about watching it

George Foreman is a patriot and he is a hall of fame boxer….. a great american 🇺🇲🇺🇸✡️🇺🇲🇺🇲🇮🇱🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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  1. Totally agree. I used to be an avid fan watching as much as i could. I would follow the olympics hoping to see as much as i could. i now do not watch at all. If it even comes on on the news i will turn the channel. It has been politicized which has no right to be done. It will destroy the olympics and ruin a good opportunity for a lot of athletes. The athletes not involved should make the ones ruining the olympics go away.

  2. Like I have always supported the USA olympics but gave up on them showing disrespect for their Country and Flag and dropped supporting them lost the interest in disrespecting Americans that should stay away and be kept off teams

  3. I stopped watching any sport years ago due to their behavior towards their country and fans. My husband has always been a hard core sports fan… but he is also a patriot so his attitude towards these selfish, over hyped, over paid communists started to ruin even a college game was enough for him to say, “no more!” He is a Marine and has played sports all of his life and truly used to enjoy…. this year we both watched the Tour De France. There was none of the BS that went on there and we also got to enjoy the beauty of the sights of France… Paris and witness hard fighting athletes battle for the spot in the lime light.

  4. I remember when George Foreman won his gold medal, others were holding their gloved hand in the air and he waved the flag which we all thought was great. He has always been a great example to follow. It is to bad the ones who do not participate in these things also suffer. I watch very few sports and was hard core in the past.

  5. Said it before, saying again. Am enjoying watching “old” programs/shows/movies which are very entertaining and better than some of the “garage” (polite word for #2) being shown nowdays.

  6. If these scumbags don’t like America
    then make them move out and never
    ever allow the dirty scum back into the
    U.S.A. again and if the dirty scum comes
    back into the U.S.A. then shoot them
    for treason…


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