Glenn Beck Warns About What is Coming Next


Image Screenshot From Glenn Beck YouTube Video Below.

American conservative political commentator and radio host Glenn Beck recently dropped a bomb on what is coming next.

Famous for his thought-provoking segments, Beck spoke and warned the viewers and listeners in his radio show in the Blaze. He had difficulty predicting before but proclaimed something was coming

“For those who have listened for many years,” he began, “these are the things that would come.”


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According to the radio host, a battle not typical of men has slowly descended in America. What’s more chilling is the battle’s nature he described as an “impending struggle, not with man.”

Beck struggled to keep his emotions in check in the show, yet felt responsible for warning others of the spiritual battle. He has expressed uncertainty in its form until recently.

“We are not fighting men. Arms are not the weapons you use in a spiritual battle,” he said.

And while this will be a battle — not by our choosing, I believe — this is a spiritual battle,” Glenn suggested.

Beck emphasized that his warning was to generate a sense of urgency. He wanted the listeners and viewers, few as they may, to heed and lead his warning.

Beck said it wasn’t his intention to cause fear or anger.

To prepare yourself and your family, watch Glenn’s segment below.

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