George Floyd Attorney Flips Out Over Move Made by Chauvin Defense…


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– Elizabeth Ragliani from Trending Politics reports, The Defense team of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin asked for a new trial, citing unfair proceedings that facilitated bias. Should we be surprised? We have jurors who admittedly felt scared for their lives if they didn’t reach a guilty verdict, Black Lives Matter activists as part of the jury, and jurors who had already made up their mind about Chauvin before the trial had begun, given the overwhelming media bias.

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He deserves a new trial as he has been misrepresented by MSM especially CNN.

The jurors that perjured themselves need to be prosecuted. Deliberate and intentional perjury and jury tampering is a crime.

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  1. Floyd family lawyer is a blood sucker and the media are blowing up his shirt tails. He knows George Floyd was no saint but a druggie loser that killed himself out of a drunken stupor. Minneapolis fools gave good tax money to his family for the dumbest of reasons!


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