George Bush Goes to Work on Anti-Trump Vindication Tour?



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Newsmax TV
– 43rd President of The United States George W. Bush, who left office with record-low popularity, has begun his journey to historical vindication, Newsmax TV’s John Gizzi reports, following the footsteps of other conservatives of the past, in being a media darling and distancing himself from Donald Trump and the Republican party.

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Kimmel & Bush = What toilet paper is used for.

I’m mexican and even here we know Donald Trump won the election! Bush is jelaous of him because Trump is the most loved President in history!

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  1. While Bush the Younger was not responsible for the Housing mess he is was not better than President Trump. He was a little better than his Father but not by much. President Trump pulled this Nation out of the mess Obozo put it in. President Trump got America out of NAFTA with a better deal, brought jobs back to America, got America better trade deals, even got unemployment numbers done for all people, MINORITIES were working in higher numbers than they ever had. So Bush needs to shut up and pray that America stays in the Trump camp.

  2. War monger little bush. Expanded government big time little bush. He’s been in bed with the democrats as long as I can remember. I have ZERO, 0, interest in whatever BS and lies that flow across his lips. Say what he must. I no longer care. Bye bye bushy.


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