Gaetz offers to resign House seat to represent Trump in the impeachment trial


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Prominent GOP House member Matt Gaetz offered to represent former President Trump in his second impeachment trial, declaring he is willing to resign from his seat in the House if asked to join Trump’s legal team.


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Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs, ‘Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste’ author and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz, and ‘Firebrand’ author and House Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on an interview with Fox News to discuss a bid to oust Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees, along with the impending impeachment trial of former President Trump.

Greene was recently voted by House members to be removed from several committees due to her support for conspiracy theories and messages. The Dems try so hard to silence the opposition by removing the Republicans one by one. Greene is a known strong conservative voice for women, who they so despise.

Matt Gaetz said that before her election to Congress, Greene said “some crazy conspiracy things,” which are no further from conspiracy theories of most Democrats who have attempted to impeach then-President Trump. The double standard is appalling.

Unlike most House members, Marjorie Taylor Greene actually got 75 percent of the votes in her state. So, the House Democrat’s attempt to remove her from committees is a dangerous precedent of disrespecting the voters, added Gaetz.

The group also touched on points on the second impeachment of Donald Trump.

As Chuck Schumer threatens two SCOTUS Justices, his allies insist that Trump promoted insurgence when all he said was many of his supporters would peacefully and patriotically march to the Capitol.

Andy Biggs said, “The Democrats would probably remove Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s why I co-sponsored the amendment where we substitute Omar for Marjorie Taylor Greene because we’re trying to get one for one. If you’re going to take out one of ours, we’re going to take out one of yours.”

However, the GOP would still be in the minority. “We’ve got to get the majority back to be able to play this,” added Biggs.

Gaetz commented that when the conservatives get back the majority, “we better apply the same standards.” He said he’d seen the Democrats offensively fight to win while the Republicans play some potty cake game.

Chaffetz echoed Gaetz’s sentiments, saying, “Republicans, when they get into power, they try to be Democratic light. They go easy. They don’t play offense. Now, what the Democrats are doing is beyond offense. This is just offensive, and it is a dangerous, dangerous precedent.”

The GOP needs to have a stronger voice and make a difference when they reclaim power.

“For goodness sake, make the case, win the argument on the floor,” continued Chaffetz.

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