GA Gov. Kemp Finally Calls for Voter Signature Audit After this Evidence


Image Screenshot From Twitter Video Below.

Last Thursday, a video began circulating that looked extremely damning, however sketchy. It showed four individuals appearing to empty a room as if the counting of ballots was over for the night. Then, they proceeded to pull out four suitcases containing ballots and scanned them in without a single poll watcher or media member present.

The video shows could be the night before America woke up to Joe Biden having overtaken President Trump overnight.

The video was enough to get Governor Brian Kemp to endorse a signature audit. President Donald Trump has been asking him for this for weeks. However, it is better late than never.

Kemp did say that the video was his primary motivation for the signature audit, which made President Trump very happy.

Unfortunately, Georgia’s Secretary of State appears not to have any inclination to act on this. He may have received threats, but it comes with the position. It’s not an excuse to not do what the people voted him in for. The video is no small thing. It very clearly shows that at least some form of voter fraud was present.

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