Full Psycho: Liberal Professor Goes Nuts After Student Praises Police…


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– Chrissy Clark from The Daily Wire reports, A professor at Cypress College in Southern California berated a student during a Zoom class for calling the police “heroes.” During a communications class, Braden Ellis gave a presentation about “cancel culture” and why it is “so destructive and tearing our country apart.”

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Liberal college professors believe starting a forest fire is the only way to light a cigarette.

The student is far mature with higher EQ and much respectful communication than the professor.

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  1. We need to purge all Liberal psychopaths out of our education system, they’ve already gone too far for too long. They’re supposed to teach how to think, not what to think.
    I hope this Nazi has been fired from her Indoctrination position. The young man is the kind of person that we need more of in this country, one who can think for himself and has common sense, something most people lack on the Left.


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