Fraud in Philadelphia: This Is How It Went Down


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Attorney Jerome M. Marcus claims that the legacy media are lying when they claim that all of President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud are baseless. According to him, he knows this to be true because he argued a case on behalf of the president in federal court in Philadelphia.


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Marcus says the incident was when President Trump went to the court concerning two problems: First was that “a handful of Republican observers substantially fewer than the Democrats had there were being admitted to the room at the Philadelphia Convention Center where inspections were being conducted.” The second one was that “the few who could get in weren’t permitted to get close enough to see what was actually happening.”

Marcus believes that the important questions that need to be asked are: “Why all the hiding? What’s being hidden?”

At the Convention Center counting location, Marcus says, “he personally observed dozens of Trump campaign volunteers get barred from the counting room even though they had been properly registered as observers”. At this point was when Marcus, suggested that Pam Bondi and Corey Lewandowski, who were on the scene, “to authorize the filing of a request that a federal court order, the Board of Elections to stop this nonsense.

A binding order was secured from the state’s Commonwealth Court, which is how a handful of Republican observers were able to get in the room. However, they weren’t allowed up to the barrier which was set six feet away from the closest table where work was being done.

Although they were allowed into the room, they were still not informed of what exactly was happening. “If there’s no fraud, why is the Democrat-controlled Board of Elections unwilling to let people get close enough to actually see what the people are doing?” Marcus asked.

At this point, Marcus borrowed a laptop and typed up a short document to start a federal lawsuit requesting that the federal court intervention stop the unfair practices being done. After two hours, the filing was authorized by the campaign.

The federal judge ordered a hearing that began an hour after the filing was authorized and went for two hours. According to Marcus, in open court, the Board of Elections was compelled by the judge to agree to have up to 60 Republican representatives in the room.

The judge also compelled the board to agree that all observers, Democrat or Republican, could get up to the six-foot barrier.

Since the Board of Elections agreed to the demands, the court dismissed President Trump’s motion for court-ordered relief as moot. According to Marcus, this was a victory for President Trump and anyone else who believes in open government.

“I cannot imagine why Pennsylvania Republican leaders have suggested there’s no reason to think that anything wrong or fraudulent is going on in the counting of Pennsylvania’s votes,” Marcus said.

“If that were true, why in the world would the Democratic-controlled city government be working so hard to keep Republicans out of the room where those votes are being counted?” he asked. “In a world where every car that drives down the street is on video, why isn’t all of this counting being conducted in broad daylight, under watchful eyes? What do they have to hide?”

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