Fox News Gets a Beat Down from the Crowd at the Trump Rally


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On Saturday, Fox News gets a severe blow from President Trump’s supporters at a rally in Georgia. During the event, the president’s followers lambasted the news network in its presidential election coverage.


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President Trump addressed a massive crowd in a “victory rally” in Valdosta, Georgia. He showed support of David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, both of whom are Republican senatorial candidates, in their race against the left-wing candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock ahead of the January 5 run-off elections.

Without missing the opportunity, Trump used the energetic rally to spotlight his camp’s challenge of the 2020 election results. Georgia is one of the battleground states where the vote counts were allegedly flipped in favor of Biden.

“We can fight for the presidency and fight to elect our two great senators, and we can do it at the same time. We can do it at the same time, it’s alright,” the president told the crowd.

The senatorial candidates briefly took to the stage for their appearance and garner support from the mob but were drowned out by vigorous chants of “Stop the steal!” and “Fight for Trump!”

Before the rally, several Trump supporters spotted and confronted the staff of Fox News. The right-wing allies slammed the cable news network for the biased coverage of the 2020 presidential election. Fox News has earlier called Arizona state in favor of Democrat challenger Joe Biden.

A Trump supporter was caught on footage telling a For News correspondent, “Fox News does not call the election.”

Sky News producer Sarah Gough reported that the Fox News journalists were getting the most verbal abuse from the massive pro-Trump crowd. Previously, CNN was the most hated network. Some supporters also yelled, “We trusted you!” and “Traitors!” to the news network members.

A chant of “Fox is fake news!” was also heard incessantly.

Bloomberg News White House reporter Jennifer Jacobs wrote that a man was heard shouting, “The truth is all we want!” The man was reportedly escorted out of the venue while others shouted at security personnel to “leave him alone!”

Fox News viewership has been plummeting since Election Day. It has declined by a staggering 32 percent in the succeeding two weeks after November 3 versus the viewership before the election.

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