Fox News Co-Host Goes Off, Says Trump’s Claims Are Nonsense


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Fox News co-host Juan Williams went off again and said that President Trump’s claims are “nonsense.”


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A segment of “The Five,” hosts of the news channel, discussed President Trump’s legal team’s voter fraud claims. When the deliberation got intense, Williams attacked his co-hosts, raised his voice, and snapped while saying, “This is nonsense.”

“This is shameful!” said Williams as colleague Jesse Watters tried to speak.

The host also called the president’s assertions “nonsense” and “ridiculous.”

At one point, William said to another co-host, Dagen McDowell, “Let me ask you something: Do you think the news division of Fox News isn’t interested in every one of these [voter fraud allegations]?”

McDowell was then raising questions around why the left-wing party and media outlets were ignoring “isolated cases” of mail-in voter fraud.

Voter fraud on mail-in ballots is quite a few, while individual errors present a much bigger problem for the local election’s officials.

Williams argued that the insufficient evidence of Trump’s campaign on voter fraud allegations lost interest from Fox News’ media. He added that the team has repeatedly fallen flat in the court.

The heated exchange between Williams and his colleagues, especially Watters and comedian Greg Gutfeld, only dug the grave that the channel has been in after the Decision Desk called the race for Joe Biden as the president-elect. Trump has since turned on the network.

Watter commented, “I think Juan sounds nervous.”
“Oh, I’m nervous. Oh yeah, yeah,” answered Williams before the break.

In a The Hill op-ed before the national election, Williams claimed that President Trump is trying to foil democracy.

The host said that the president would rely on Supreme Court “right-wing majority” to subvert democracy in a close election to secure his re-election.

It can be noted that Williams has also previously claimed that the peace deals brokered by President Trump between Israel, UAE, and Bahrain are “accelerating” the “chance of war” in the Middle East.

In August, Williams criticized a Cuban immigrant who spoke at the Republican National Convention. He called the speech “disgusting” because the immigrant said that Biden’s vision for the US is similar to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in his country.

Later, the host blamed President Trump for the several violence in the cities across the nation, not the far-left group, Antifa.

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