Former Jeopardy Champ Turns Out to Be a Psychopath


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

Remember Ken Jennings of the TV game show “Jeopardy?” The all-time champ turned out to be a hateful SOB.


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Jennings has been bashing the president non-stop along with other Republicans. However, as he takes over the hosting for Alec Trebek, he seems to backtrack and claim it was only a “funny joke.”

Really, Ken, we’re not amused.

As if Ken’s hateful remarks weren’t bad enough, a new Jeopardy champ splashes on the screen. Hatemonger Arthur Chu bashed and mocked the vet murdered at the Capitol on Wednesday.

In since-deleted disgusting and hate-filled tweets, Chu referred to Ashli Babbit’s killing as “one of the few good things that happened as a result of the Capitol protest,” adding that people should “feel less bad than you do about putting down a rabid animal.”

“Ashley [sic] Babbitt feeding the worms is one of the few good things that happened as a result of the Capitol ‘protest’ and if you feel the need to mourn her Nazi a** it’ll be easier for both of us if you unfollow me now,” the 11-time former Jeopardy champion wrote, along with his other hateful rants.

Chu is only one among the “loving left” who lacks compassion for humans yet pushes to use face masks and gender-neutral bathrooms. Pathetic and hypocrite.

These people are so twisted and warped from the mainstream media’s endless propaganda, calling Trump supporters “Nazi” when their camp is always throwing hate. Clearly, this bunch of far-left supporters is misguided with lies from their deceitful leaders, if not psychopaths.

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