Finally, the Truth About Breonna Taylor’s Death


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Breonna Taylor’s death has sparked protests around the country for months. The Democrats have kept quiet about the protests, and it turns out there’s a reason for it.

The truth has just been revealed — and it’s a big surprise (note the sarcasm). The Democrat party has been lying every chance they could get — in Congress, in the media, and even out on the streets.

Taylor was not a completely innocent person whom the racist police had killed in her bed during a no-knock raid of her home. The truth is, she was only the victim of her poor choices in men, and she paid for it.


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The reason for the raid was her friendship with a local drug kingpin, and she was only shot because her boyfriend had decided to open fire on the police who had knocked and identified themselves. None of those means that she deserved to die, but she put herself in that position by making the decisions that she had made.

Everything began with Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover. The Louisville Courier-Journal had reported the full details of their relationship, but here’s a summary.

Glover is a drug-trafficker who is believed to be part of a large drug and weapons-trafficking ring in Louisville. It was reported that in January, Glover had visited Taylor’s apartment and left with a package. He thereafter went straight to a “known drug house”.

According to the police, they had placed a tracking device on Glover’s car. The device had shown that he made frequent trips to Taylor’s apartment, which led the police to believe that her apartment was a holding place for drugs and money.

Although there is no evidence, Glover was allegedly heard telling someone that Taylor handled his money. When Glover was arrested in January, he had called Taylor to ask her to locate an associate who could post his bail. She told him that the associate was “already at the trap,” which meant that he was at a drug-trafficking house. On another occasion, Taylor had also posted a $2,500 bond for Darreal Forest, who the police suspect was also involved in the drug ring.

All of this proves that Taylor was familiar with Glover’s world of drugs. The Courier-Journal has more evidence of Taylor and Glover’s close connection, which is the reason why the police got a warrant to search Taylor’s apartment.

Whether or not Taylor was involved in the drug and weapons ring, she had connections with some bad people. Even after Glover, Taylor didn’t learn her lesson and still chose Kenneth Walker as her new boyfriend. He was the reason why the police shot Breonna.

A press conference was held last Wednesday which explained all the grand jury’s findings. The most important fact stated: the police did not do a no-knock raid. That was the reason that the Democrats told to justify why Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, shot at the police.

When Walker and Taylor did not answer the door, the officers broke it down. Sergeant Mattingly entered, saw Walker pointing a gun at him, and felt himself get shot.  It all happened quickly. Walker confirmed that he fired the first shot, and the ballistics report shows that his bullet wounded Mattingly.

All of the officers opened fire after Walker shot the sergeant. They did it because one of their own had taken a bullet, and they all knew that they were in a kill or be killed situation. Moreover, the barrage of bullets they fired (32 bullets) was appropriate.

Six of the bullets struck Breonna.  It’s quite telling that none of the remaining 26 hit Walker. Had he left her behind or hidden behind her, or was she just very unlucky?

The media claimed that Breonna was in bed, implying that she was mercilessly killed by the police, but in fact, Taylor was standing at Walker’s side, and she knew that Walker was armed:

“Sergeant Mattingly identified two individuals standing beside one another at the end of the hall, a male and a female. In his statement, he says that the male was holding a gun, arms extended in a shooting stance.”

Although Breonna Taylor did not deserve to die, the fact is that she made terrible choices when it came to the men in her life.  These choices started a chain reaction, and it ended with her dying almost instantly from one of the six bullets that hit her.

She had no one to blame but herself.

Here’s a video explaining all the facts of Breonna Taylor’s case:

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