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Dr. Anthony Fauci has been missing-in-action as of late, given his support of crippling the economy under the pretense of a national health emergency.


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The doctor has been a regular on the Sunday morning “news” shows where the week’s official propaganda is laid-out. And after his brief absence, he bombarded another apocalyptic prediction of doom this morning.

Since former president Ronald Reagan’s first term, Fauci has been assigned to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He has been the key driver of the economy-crushing lockdowns and other restrictions that have decimated millions of Americans. 

Fauci joined Chuck Todd on NBC’s flagship Meet The Press, where he spoke about “two new mutant variants” of COVID-19 used by Biden as the basis for another mask mandate. The new administration is pushing to inject as many vaccines as possible.

An excerpt of the transcript below:

Todd: What’s your level of concern about this new variant that clearly — that a lot of folks are concerned is certainly more contagious?

Fauci: Yeah, well, we’re taking it really very seriously, Chuck. You don’t want people to panic. But you have to look at it from a certain standpoint. Yes, there’s no doubt when you look at what the Brits, and now remember, people need to realize more than one mutant strain. There’s one from the U.K. that’s essentially dominated. That’s the one that is actually is seen in the United States. There’s another more ominous one that’s in South Africa and Brazil. We’re looking at all of them very, very carefully A) to determine – obviously, the Brits have made it very clear that it’s more contagious. They say that it isn’t more virulent. But, you know, we’ve got to be careful because the more cases you get, even though on a one-to-one basis it’s not more virulent, meaning it doesn’t make you sicker or more likely to die, just by numbers alone, the more cases you have, the more hospitalizations you’re going to have. And the more hospitalizations you have, the more deaths you’re going to have. Do we really want to carefully look at how that mutation reduces the impact of the vaccine? And if it does, Chuck, then we’re going to have to make some modifications. But we’re all over that. We’re looking at that really very carefully. Todd: Is there a point with this variant that you think there will be new restrictions? Whether it — whether advice that says double mask or additional lockdowns? Are we close to any of those ideas?

Fauci: Well, I think one of the things we’ve got to do, Chuck, and, you know, maybe the silver lining, if you want to call that, is that when you have a variant that’s really very, very different in the sense of it’s more contagious, it tells you to do two things: 1) double down on the public health measures that we’ve been talking about all the time. Be very compulsive, as the president-elect says, at least for the first 100 days and maybe more, everybody wears a mask. Keep the distance. Avoid the congregate settings. Another important thing is that the easiest way to evade this negative effect of these new isolates is to just when the vaccine becomes available, people should get vaccinated. Boy, if ever there was a clarion call for people to put aside vaccine hesitancy, if we can get, you know, the overwhelming majority of the population vaccinated, we’d be in perfect shape and could beat even the mutant.

Fauci: That’s one way to look at it. We’re in a race against the mutant. Everybody get your arms out and get those needles ready to inject us. As always, sir, thank you for coming on and sharing your expertise with us.

The new president has declared plans to use FEMA and the National Guard to administer the vaccines to as much of the population as possible during his first 100 days in office. The move is even though the vaccines may have been rushed through production without assurance of their long-term effects.

Fauci would spearhead another nightmare as they sow fear in their relentless propaganda. 

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