FBI Bombshell Biden Must Answer these 7 Key Questions


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According to the DOJ, the FBI opened ongoing investigations of Hunter Biden and his associates on criminal money-laundering last year. This clears the fog on several allegations surfacing around Joe Biden’s camp.

Communications director for President Trump’s reelection campaign Tim Murtaugh then urged the press to quiz the Democratic Presidential candidate.

Joe has always been avoiding the topic.


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DOJ’s confirmation came days after a former associate of Hunter Biden came forward to clear his name. Tony Bobulinski, a former US Navy, was dragged into the scandal after his name was identified as one of the recipients in an email extracted from Hunter’s laptop.

Bobulinski not only validated the authenticity of the mails but also confirmed that Joe Biden was involved with Hunter’s business deals. He also presented other damning pieces of evidence that could implicate the BD family. The Senate committee confirmed his documents are genuine.

In an interview with Fox News Tucker Carlson, Bobulinski said he had met the former vice president twice. He narrated that when he asked Jim, Joe’s brother, how they get away with the corrupt practices, Jim answered, “plausible deniability.”

The whole family and business associates even made a concerted effort to hide Joe’s involvement, with codes or names referring to him indirectly.

Biden’s camp has yet to dispute the veracity of the allegations thrown at the Democratic Presidential candidate or on Hunter Biden. Instead, they keep saying all of the accusations are part of “Russian disinformation.”

Murtaugh posed seven key questions that must be asked to Joe Biden:

  • Were you aware that Hunter and his associates have been under FBI investigation since last year?
  • Did you meet with Tony Bobulinski?
  • Have you ever met with any of your son’s business associates?
  • Are any of these emails not authentic?
  • Why did Rob Walker say Bobulinski could burn all of us?
  • Do you, Joe Biden, deny that you were making business decisions about this foreign business venture?
  • Were you, Joe Biden, in fact, a beneficiary… to receive a 10 percent stake in the deal [with a Chinese energy company]?

Murtaugh argued Joe Biden couldn’t be possibly unaware that his son was under FBI investigation since 2019. With the DOJ’s confirmation, it would become much harder for the media to bury Biden’s sob story, especially with another credible source. 

The worst is yet to come. 

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