Fancy Nancy and Her Fancy Fridge and Ice Cream


Image Screenshot From RNC Research Twitter Post Below.

Progressives apparently slammed fancy Nancy Pelosi after showing off her fancy freezer full of gourmet ice cream in an interview at the onslaught of the pandemic lockdown.


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memo sent by a group led by Justice Democrats and the Sunrise Movement read a scornful message to the House Speaker. 

“When Democratic leaders make unforced errors like showing off two sub-zero freezers full of ice cream on national television or cozy up with Wall Street executives and corporate lobbyists while Trump tells voters we are the party of the swamp,” read the memo, adding that it isn’t “surprising that we lose.” 

The memo says the economy was the top concern of the voters in the election. The leftists recognize that they need a new generation of leaders with multiracial, working-class experience, and background.

Fox News reported the Dems released the memo when reality hit below expectations on the election night. More moderate left even blamed the tight races on the progressives.

Democratic Campaign Congressional Committee Rep. Cheri Bustos announced to vacate her chair after the party lost seats.

It’s another insensitive act from the House Speaker when she showed-off her freezer stocked with premium Jeni’s ice cream in an April interview on CBS’ Late Late Show.

President Trump’s campaign used Pelosi’s appearance in an advertisement depicting the speaker as an elitist as Americans await for “hours” at supermarkets and food banks.

“Right now, it’s survival mode,” says a man in the ad. Pelosi then says, “I don’t know what I would have done if ice cream were not invented.”

The ad ends with a parody quote attributed to French Queen Marie Antoinette.

“Let them eat ice cream,” read the quote, citing “Nancy Antoinette.”
It’s not really a surprise from the House Speaker, who has also insensitively gone to a hair salon during the pandemic. Pelosi was then slammed for another blunder.

Do we still expect much from Nancy Antoinette?

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