Fail: Biden Speaks Spanish to Nancy Pelosi?


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On Friday, president-elect Joe Biden spoke with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi when he tried to speak Spanish and failed miserably.


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The former vice president was trying to say “my house is your house” in Spanish, but he messed it up miserably. “In my Oval Office, mi casa, you casa,” Biden said to Pelosi as he mixed English and Spanish. He meant to say, “mi casa es su casa.”

It seems that every time he makes a public appearance, he says or does something to embarrass himself. Thursday was no exception.

On Thursday, Biden gave remarks after speaking with the National Governors Association. He had a hard time saying anything and stumbled over his own words again. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

“I’m going to — we’re going to impose the — we’re going to enforce the — excuse me, employ the defense, reconstruct the act, to be able to go out there and dictate companies build and do following things,” Biden said.

It wasn’t just one or two words, either. Biden had a hard time saying the words during his whole speech.

His mental well-being has been the subject of debate for months, but is he really well enough to be the President of the United States of America?

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