Exposing the Man Who Killed Ashli Babbitt…


Image from video below…

Dinesh D’Souza – Who killed Ashli Babbitt? His name is Lt. Michael Byrd. So the only deliberate killing on January 6 was a black male police officer who shot a white female Trump supporter through the neck. Are you still puzzled why the media is hiding Byrd’s identity?

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The man who shot Babbit is Michael L. Byrd, a Black Capitol Police Officer.

Byrd is just doing what madmaxine waters has been directing democrats to do.

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  1. Democrats make me want to puke. Derek Chauvin is in prison and Byrd is walking around as a free man. The people that trespassed in the capitol are in jail with no bond and Democrat killer Byrd is still a free man. This is totally unacceptable.


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