Exposed Chinese Operations Fueling the Violence in America


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Could the CCP also be funneling budgets for the rioters?

A NYPD officer was charged by federal authorities last week on his connection to the Chinese Communist Party for the past six years. 

According to the prosecutors, Baimadajie Angwang, 33, was in custody on Monday for keeping tabs on Tibetan communities in New York. He served as a patrol officer and a community affairs officer in Queens 111th precinct.


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Angwang also served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army Reserve with a “secret” level security clearance. He was allowed access to classified information.

The 25-page criminal complaint accused Angwang of reporting the Tibetans’ activities in New York to the Chinese government officials. The Chinese government has since been looking to recruit Tibetan intelligence sources.

Angwang is a naturalized US citizen and ethnically Tibetan who has been a paid agent of the Communist Party for six years. According to federal prosecutors, he was directed by a wing of the CCP United Front Work Department behind “neutralizing sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority” of the CCP.

The said department serves as the CCP’s overseas reach and referred to as “Magic Weapons” by Chairman Mao.

Widespread operations of the CCP have largely infiltrated the US. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars’ panel for discussion in 2018 on “Chinese Influence Operations in the US: Shedding Some Light on All the Heat” scrapped the bad notion of the CCP. However, it failed to recognize one of its panelists, Wang Huiyao, a member of CCP’s Central Committee and United Front Work Department.

CCP was recently linked to Hunter Biden when the latter received a $100,000 credit line, which he and his family have splurged in a shopping spree. Biden also received a $1.5 billion for an investment fund.

Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese hope to “reset relations” with the US if Joe Biden wins as the next president.

“Mr. Biden has laid out plans to increase engagement with China over regional issues such as Afghanistan, Iran, and North Korea. Mr. Biden would also likely engage China in dealing with climate change,” the report continued.

Beijing has been counting on tech firms to support Joe Biden. The former Vice President once overruled a decision to grant asylum to a CCP high-ranking official charged with criminal investigations.

How deep could have the CCP penetrated US institutions? Perhaps, we could ask Biden and his cohorts.

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