Exposed: Biden’s Plot to Crush Gun Owners


The Next News Network – The Political Insider reports, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) went on Fox News on Thursday to call out what he believes is the real reason behind the Democrats’ push to handle what they have dubbed to be a “gun crisis.”

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Everyone needs to replace the word IMMAGRATION with INVASION whenever referencing the southern border. Maybe that will make a change. Like Biden says WORDS COUNT.

The more people exposing sleepy Biden, the merrier! Keep it coming!

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  1. Senator Hawley is absolutely correct. The Biden/Democrat push for “gun control” is all about control. They really are aiming for complete confiscation of firearms and disarmament of American citizens.

  2. biden only wants the American guns, not the gangs or illegals, he ain’t got any b—s to go for them.looks like Americans are heading for population control from papa biden & obama.


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