Even the New York Times Thinks Biden Has Gone Too Far


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All eyes are on President Biden as he keeps signing more executive orders than any of his predecessors in the same timeframe. 


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Issuing 19 executive orders in his first day of office, even The New York Times, known to have rallied for the president during the campaign period, took notice. In an op-ed, “Ease up on the executive actions, Joe,” seems to have startled the high powered Times executives. 

When asked on his opinion on the several executive actions by the president, Amistad Project special counsel, Tom King, said, “I think it really stands out for the proposition that the call for unity in this country is in a very closely divided Congress where the Senate is tied, and the House is very close.”

King added that to call for unity isn’t quite true because the 19 executive orders aren’t simply ministerial orders but major orders that affect American lives. The president shut down the XL pipeline, which resulted in 11,000 jobs lost. 

The country is supposed to be governed through legislative actions – a point made out by The New York Times editorial. However, looking at how President Biden drastically signed executive orders belies the call for unity. Some of his orders are rather radical, undoing what the former President Trump started. 

King also shared his opinion on the changes that might happen in the United States judicial system. He said that if the first 19 executive orders indicate how President Biden would likely govern, then his 180-day commission wouldn’t be an ample time to do much. 

King also said that he saw members who would participate in the commission that have expressed approval on the addition of justices.

“This is political. This has nothing to do with improving Americans’ lives or improving the justice system. It’s about getting a majority on the court,” he continued, adding that “the first thing you do whenever you want to hide behind something is appointed a committee and have that committee come out with the report that you want to see. So I’m quite certain that it’s pretty clear what the purpose of this commission is.”

News also circulates that the Biden family may have been using their connection to the president in their business dealings. “The story about Hunter Biden and his dealings in both Europe and China is very disconcerting,” King commented. He said that the latest business of the Bidens’ is about advertisements. Frank, the president’s brother, is touting connection to the president for a law firm he’s associated with. 

Such unethical acts must be put to a stop by President Biden, nonetheless. He has been highly critical of the Trump administration for Trump’s hotels and the former president’s family’s involvement. 

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