Epic: College Students React to LeBron James Twisted View of Police


Campus Reform correspondent Leana Dippie dropped by the University of Florida to get the students’ perspective of LeBron James’ view of the police.


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“Recently a lot of celebrities have come out saying the police system need drastic reform. LeBron James has said that the entire system is problematic and needs reform. Do you agree with his comments?” Dippie asked some students.

Most of the students she asked said that the police do “need reform.” 

One student answered, “Yeah. There is a lot of systematic violence involved with the system, and I believe that the way the system is structured does contribute to that. If they change to more of a crime prevention, rather than using just brute force against crime, I believe that could have a better result in the long-term.”

After taking note of their responses, Dippie asked the same students, “LeBron James: he uses police for private security; he has also had an entire police escort block off traffic for him to go to a Jay-Z concert. He has hired private security for his home. Do you think it’s hypocritical that LeBron is so publicly critical of the police when he’s using them for his own personal protection?”

One student replied that he was being “partially” hypocritical by doing so. Another replied, “I think, in some sense, the extent that he went to could be hypocritical.”

Finally, one female student argued, “Him being hypocritical doesn’t take away from the fact that there still needs to be reform and that there are existing issues with the police that need to be addressed.”

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