Enraged Scarborough Attacks Trump Voters, Calls them Stupid


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Viewers on today’s Morning Joe witnessed how Joe Scarborough lashed out at President Trump supporters, calling them stupid.

The cable news host snarled and screamed at Trump’s followers, saying, “You can’t be that stupid!” 

Furious Joe claims the president’s supporters are Facebook mouth-breathers and QAnon-conspiracy freaks. He was infuriated that President Trump mocked Jeff Mason, a Reuters correspondent, for wearing a mask.


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“By the way, it’s, it’s really remarkable that you are thinking about voting for that man. Really, it’s staggering,” Joe said while on air.

He went on his tirade that the supporters apparently spread the news on Anthony Fauci’s making billions of dollars on the COVID vaccine.

“That’s just a lie. You can’t be that stupid.”

He pleaded the followers to “get off your stupid QAnon sites. Get off your stupid Facebook sites.”

The enraged host continued his insults, claiming that the reds are supporting a liar who is putting every American’s health at risk daily.
“And yet they vote for him anyway,” he added.

After a while, Scarborough lashed out against White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, allegedly proclaiming the pandemic cannot be controlled as is in Europe.

Scarborough interpreted it rather farther.

He said Meadows is “willing to let people die” because the president said so. He claimed the White House chief of staff “doesn’t care if you live or die from the pandemic” because he’s merely following President Trump’s advice.

Scarborough argued that the pandemic could be controlled unless you’re a part of the white house operations.

Joe Scarborough took it too far, calling Trump voters stupid. You certainly can’t make them catch your boat by saying they’re mindless.

For all we know, Scarborough’s meltdown might just be an indication that the Biden camp is getting antsy about the election results. Why not since they seem to be at a disadvantage.

The host has just revealed what’s happening inside Biden’s skirts.

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