Email Sent to Comey About Spies Placed in the White House


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It has been suspected that the Barack Obama administration had used the US intelligence agencies against Trump’s campaign in the 2016 elections.

Now, more of the truth has come out.

According to WND, we now know that the FBI had claimed the Trump administration was colluding with Russia and used a discredited report, likely based on Russian disinformation, all to deceive a federal court and obtain permission to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Recently, the American Center for Law and Justice is looking for a copy of an email and the attachments that former President Obama’s White House counsel had sent to the former FBI Director Jim Comey. The email was allegedly sent just hours before Donald Trump was inaugurated as president in 2017.

The email is believed to contain information concerning “spies” in the White House. This is known to be true because the ACLJ had sued under the Freedom of Information Act to get information about the communications on the subject.

“We sent a FOIA request regarding former FBI Director Comey’s spies inside the White House: Anthony Ferrante, Jordan Rae Kelly, and Tashina Gauhar. It’s important to remember that one of those was the liaison to the FBI. One held a tech job and somehow got to stay in the White House. And one was at the National Security Council,” the ACLJ said.

“We filed our FOIA request and a lawsuit on these spies and we received an interesting reply. Our FOIA wound up uncovering an email that was sent from President Obama’s White House Counsel to multiple names. Some of the recipients’ names were redacted but some were not. The unredacted ones were former FBI Director Jim Comey and former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe,” they added.

The email was sent at 3 PM on the 19th of January in 2017.

“What’s interesting about that date?” the ACLJ asked. “It was the day before President Trump was sworn in as the next president of the United States.”

The email also referenced an “attached letter.”

“Now they’re refusing to give us the attachment, so guess what – we’re taking the FBI to court. What TOP SECRET information did they have to send from the Obama White House Counsel to the FBI Director and Deputy FBI Director the night before President Trump was inaugurated?” the ACLJ asked before emphasizing, “The American people have the right to know.”

Here’s the Official ACLJ’s live video regarding the matter.

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