Drug Dealer Shot After Shooting at Cops, Riots Begin


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Another round of violent protests ensued after the shooting of an alleged drug dealer accused of firing at an officer. Riots sparked across the country during Halloween. 

According to ABC News, Clark/Vancouver Drug Task Force detectives were in the process of investigating a suspect of drug deals in Hazel Dell when the shooting happened.

The investigators spotted a lone man in his car and started to approach the vehicle. 


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The man, later identified as 21-year-old Kevin Peterson, suddenly jumped off the car and sprinted. 

ABC News reported, “A foot pursuit ensued. Deputies from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office were chasing a man with a firearm,” said Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins in a press conference on Friday. 

Sheriff Atkins said upon entering the parking lot, the man purportedly fired a gun at the officers.

Naturally, the officers returned fire. The man was fatally shot. 

ABC News also reported that The Southwest Washington Independent Investigative Response Team (SWIIRT) currently handles the ongoing investigation.

SWIIRT Spokesperson Mike Fort said the detectives backed away when Peterson pointed a gun during the initial foot pursuit. Clark County deputies spotted him a little later. 

It wasn’t clear whether Peterson opened fire at the officers, but the chief confirmed all three deputies fired at Peterson. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A .40-caliber Glock handgun was found near his body.

According to the New York Post, hundreds of Antifa and Black Lives Matter took to the streets on Friday night.

The mob clashed with counter-protesters carrying Trump and American flags. An all-out brawl followed.  

Journalist Andy Ngo reported rioters burned the American flags and caused a ruckus on business establishments. 

Footage shows armed men securing their businesses from the rioters as the angry protesters surrounded them.

Several marched through the residential neighborhood as they were shining lights into homes, yelling, “Wake up, mother—kers!”

According to CNN, law enforcement buildings bore the rioters’ anger as they started to vandalize the prosecutor’s office, the juvenile detention center, the sheriff’s office headquarters, and adult jail. 

Police officers declared the demonstration as an unlawful assembly and proceeded to arrest at least seven protesters who refused to leave.

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