Dominion Executive Owns Patents for System that Skimmed Votes Away from Trump


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

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Eric Coomer joined Dominion Voting Systems as the US Engineering Vice President in 2010. His bio states that he graduated with a Nuclear Physics Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Coomer was then later promoted to Dominion Strategy and Security – Voting Systems Officer yet has since been removed as a director. 

According to The Gateway Pundit’s interview with Joe Oltmann, what’s more puzzling is that Coomer’s records seemed to be totally removed from the internet.

Oltmann said he never saw such extreme hate and vitriol from someone with a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics. In an earlier interview, he told TGP’s Malkin that Coomer re-posted an “Antifa manifesto to President Trump” on his social media page. 

Oltmann told the outlet he believes Coomer is mentally challenged and a sociopath who was a corporate executive at work, yet a Trump-hater and Antifa supporter in private life. 

Check out the Antifa letter to Trump that Coomer shared on his Facebook page before the post was taken down. In an emergency hearing on December 14, MI, 13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin A Elsenheimer allowed Attorney Matthew DePerno to release the forensic examination findings on 16 Dominion Voting machines, particularly in Antrim County. It was believed that thousands of votes from Trump to Biden were flipped in the county on November 3.

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DePerno stated in the lawsuit against Antrim County that based on provided evidence, Dominion Voting Systems “committed material fraud or error in this election so that the outcome of the election was affected.”

After the forensic examination, Allied Security Operations Group concluded that the voting machines have a 68.05% error rate.

“The ballots are sent somewhere where people in another location can change the vote,” explained DePerno.

Evidence surfaced that Dominion Systems Officer Eric Coomer holds several “adjudication process” patents of Dominion Voting machines. 

In a previous testimony, Coomer admitted his role in the adjudication process. 

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