Does Not End Well: BLM Targets Upscale Restaurant…


Another “peaceful protest” has once again taken place. This time, it was in an upscale restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky.


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At least one of the Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs was armed, but those at the restaurant did not just let them do what they wanted.

Instead, they yelled and taunted the mob by telling them to “come on,” all while someone was yelling at the mob to “go” and leave.

While all of this was happening, a man in a blue shirt suddenly pulled a pistol out of his pocket and pointed it at the BLM mob. 

Just in time, the BLM and Antifa thugs decided to leave, passing by a group of police officers on their way. However, no arrests have been reported, even though the mob walked right past them.

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  1. To whom ever pulled his weapon out to PROTECT himself, I applaud you Sir for doing so!!! It is WAY PAST TIME that WE AMERICAN CITIZENS send the same message back to blm, antifi and other socialist marxists groups and organizations that WE ARE NOT BACKING DOWN!!! TAKE AMERICA BACK and send these thugs and paid individuals back to their little dark holes that they slithered out of!!! THANK YOU SIR for STANDING up AGAINST the marxists mob!!! May GOD BLESS AMERICA once more!!!

    • I agree. The libtard government and their demented democrats won’t protect Americans so we must do it ourselves. It isour God given right to protect ourselves our family our property and our freedoms….. no matter what. God bless America and Americans!

  2. Stick to your American ideals: The Biden’s have been caught again in bed with the China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working with Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy, employment, with total economic failures. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards total bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add to the false promise of equal government controlled solvency. The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, all are seeing the truth of his lies now, the worm is turning and America will return to it’s glory.

  3. Once again this proves that the 2nd amendment MUST be protected. I realize the article says that one of the punks had a gun, probably stolen, but the customer drew his for self defense. When the punks face any real threat to their health they back down and can’t finish what they started.

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