Disgraceful Proclamation: Biden Ruins National Day of Prayer…


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– Leah Barkoukis from Townhall reports, On the National Day of Prayer this week, Joe Biden, whom the White House has described as a “devout Catholic,” omitted reference to God in his proclamation, becoming the first president in modern history to do so.

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When You’re filled with the Devil No Glory to GOD will come from Your lips.

Just because he goes to church regularly doesn’t make him Catholic just like sitting in a garage doesn’t make me a car!

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  1. Anybody that thought senile Joe was a good Catholic is an idiot! The people that run the mafia claim to be Catholic, but look at the life they live. Senile Joe, just like Pelosi, is Catholic in name only. Evil can appear as an angel of light but is really looking for someone to devour. That is what the democrat party really is.


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