Diddy Warns of a Race War if Trump Wins


Image Screenshot From REVOLT TV YouTube Video Below.

Last Thursday, music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs sat down for an interview with Revolt TV. In the interview, he says that he believes a race war will ensue if President Donald Trump is re-elected as the POTUS.

“If Trump gets elected, I really do believe in my heart there will be a race war,” Diddy warned. Because of that, he says his message isn’t just for the Black people, it’s for everybody.

“This man is really trying to turn us against each other and put us in a situation. America messed up,” he added. “I think this president has done a great job of rattling America. When you move in fear, you don’t have any leverage.”


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“White men like Trump need to be banished,” he continued. “That way of thinking is real dangerous. This man literally threatened the lives of us and our families about going to vote.”

“Stand back and stand by,” the Revolt TV host said, referring to what Trump told the Proud Boys during the first presidential debate.

“Stand back and stand by,” Diddy confirmed. “We’re in a war… We’re in a war of love versus hate. The number one priority is to get Trump out of office. The people who really should be scared to death of this man is white people.”

He was asked to explain his last sentence, and he did so. “If this man is elected, we’re not standing by — no more getting killed. We’re not scared of anybody standing up and standing by. We’re on the verge of a race war. If people in America want a race war, they’ll not vote.”

Diddy claims that as an independent, he always tries to do his best for his community whenever he votes. 

After a few minutes, he then announces that he’s launching “one of the boldest movements that I’ve ever launched.” The movement is called, “Our Black Party.”

“It’s time for us to have our own Black political party, unapologetically,” he claimed. “This is the biggest threat and the only option that we have right now, as far as making a change, taking our own self-responsibility and accountability to be educated and empowered with our vote.”

“Our Black Party’s number one goal is to unify behind a black agenda. That’s it.” According to him, the Black people could be a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, but if they’re Black, they were born Black, not a Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

“We have to seize our political power,” he explained.

Watch the whole interview below:

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