DeSantis Bashes Biden Again: What Else Has He Forgotten…


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Breitbart News
– Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) smacked down President Joe Biden after the president sarcastically responded to the Florida governor’s criticism, slamming the 78-year-old president for forgetting the crisis on the southern border, inflation, and the Constitution itself.

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Every time Biden opens his mouth, it just get worse for him.

He hasn’t forgotten anything: he does what he’s told to do.

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  1. Rip Van Biden hasn’t forgotten anything simply because the nit-wit never knew anything to forget. By the way, where if Dr. Jill? I don’t blame her for hiding out rather than being seen with that dolt.

  2. Go Gov DeSantis I am voting for you as our next president. Get these stupid jerks out of office. We will be lucky to have a country in 2 years. They are just stupid. Hang in there and give them hell.


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