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For the last four years, Trump supporters have been subjected to several horrendous allegations, physical assaults, and outrageous propaganda. Even members of the administration and Cabinet were not spared from the wrath of the left.


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Democrats always justify attacks on President Trump’s supporters. Americans not categorized as “Nazis” or “fascists” or “white supremacists,” but simply adore Trump’s patriotism and agree on the America First Agenda are people who fit model the Democrat’s idea of Trump’s Cult.

The president was always inclusive in his talks of building the country ‘great again’ for all Americans regardless of ethnic background, political interest, or socioeconomic status. He never claimed to serve only ‘his people’ nor only ‘white folks.’

By all means, the president actually succeeded. Before the pandemic, the US economy benefited all classes of its citizens. Wages shot up. Taxes were lower. The country was enjoying some of the best years yet.

However, the ever-unhinged Democrats continue to loathe and could only hold longer to watch the administration be successful in running the country. They take out their spite and anger on the conservatives.

Jonathan Turley, a constitutional expert, and law professor. “Argued it’s inherently dangerous and won’t lead our country to anyplace that is good.” Turley noted that trying to shame the people assisting the president’s efforts in regaining the integrity of the election is “wrong and ought to be roundly condemned.”

The professor also said that the Lincoln Project has harassed lawyers representing Republicans or the Trump campaign nationwide. While it will be hard to appeal the votes, the deafening silence from the mainstream media and Democrats on the harassment is alarming.

“Indeed, Democratic leaders have joined in the personal attacks,” said Turley. He was talking about, two Wayne County, Michigan GOP election officials rescinding their vote to certify the ballot results since the results’ legitimacy remains uncertain. Media outlets and Democratic leaders alike are turning deaf ears without even calling out to end intimidations and abuse from groups such as The Lincoln Project.

“While President-elect Joe Biden has called for unity and healing, he has said nothing about the campaign against Trump campaign lawyers and their clients. He has said nothing about reports of violent threats against officials or lawyers tied to election challenges,” Turley continued.

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