Dems Tore Down their Giant Trump Sign, and Now They Publish This Ad


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Remember the huge “TRUMP” sign — similar to Hollywood’s — that someone erected along an interstate near Los Angeles a few weeks ago?

Well, within a day, the city of Los Angeles removed the sign and claimed that it created a “hazard” even though a myriad of billboards can be seen up and down the highways in California.

When it was erected, no one took credit for putting up the sign, so no one knew who was responsible. In the weeks that followed, the identity of whoever put up the sign remained hidden.


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Well, now someone has owned up to putting up the sign. “Mr. Black” contacted Red State exclusively, issuing a statement while also releasing a fantastic campaign ad for President Donald Trump. The ad suggests that he could become the first Republican to ever win the Golden State since President George H. W. Bush in 2008.

Mr. Black, acting as the contact for the group behind the sign, said that they had been planning the Trump sign since 2018. As they prepared it, they also filmed parts of the operation and turned it into a campaign ad that is truly something you must watch.

It asks the question, “Can Trump win California?”

In addition to the campaign ad, here’s Mr. Black’s statement given to Red State.

On January 20th, 2017, I assumed that Trump would win reelection after normal Americans witnessed the hysterics of the Women’s March and subsequent displays of irrationality.

But when Trump made good on most of his promises — all the while unruffled by the Category 5 media sh*t-storm raging around him — it seemed like the impossible was within reach: WINNING CALIFORNIA. And that was the initial motivation behind the sign.

The sign served two purposes. It was a psychological warfare operation designed to counter the psychological warfare that Newsom, Garcetti, and the Democrat-run California government has been running since the lockdown. Putting the word “TRUMP” on a hillside over the 405 — itself a symbol of beauty, aggravation, and dysfunction — was intended to let the progressive Eloi of Los Angeles know that dissidents — MOTIVATED dissidents — live among them.

It was also a signal to the war-weary AMERICANS here behind enemy lines that they are not alone that they are on the side of fun and energy. And that they should GO OUT AND VOTE (for Trump, if that wasn’t clear).

— Mr. black

Do you think Trump can win California?

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