Democrats Panic: They Introduce a Bill That Would Ban Trump…


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The Next News Network – Rusty Weiss from The Political Insider reports, Representative Brendan Boyle (D-PA) introduced a bill that would only allow sitting House members to serve as Speaker after Donald Trump said the post would be “interesting.”

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We the People Stand Behind Our President Trump

It is not up to the Democrats to dictate what the American people do.

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  1. Perhaps some one should introduce a bill and ban Democrats from important duties since they are mostly lawbreaking morons intent on ruining America. In fact they should remove Pelosi since she caused the Jan 6 problems.

  2. The commie Dems are deeply, thoroughly scared of President Trump. If they attempt to “ban” Trump, I would hope the shy Republicans would stand up and”ban” Biden, Harris, Piglosi,Schumer,Obama,Wray and the rest of the traitors. No representation, no taxation- disband the IRS.


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